1. (chemistry) a biopolymer of glucose produced by enzymes of certain bacteria; used as a substitute for blood plasma, and as a stationary phase in chromatography

7 letters in word "dextran": A D E N R T X.

No anagrams for dextran found in this word list.

Words found within dextran:

ad ae an and ane ant ante anted antre ar ard ardent are ared aret art at ate ax axe axed da dae dan dant dare darn dart date dater de dean dear dearn den denar dent derat dern dex drant drat drent ea ean ear eard earn eat ed en end endart er era ern et eta etna ex extra na nae nard nare nat ne near neat ned nerd net next rad rade ran rand rant ranted rat rate rated rax raxed re read rean red redan ren rend rent ret retax rex ta tad tae taed tan tane tar tare tared tarn tax taxed taxer te tea tead tear ted ten tend tern trad trade tread trend